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From December 8, 2016, when you request to withdraw commissions,
You must verify the information by submitting 3 photos:
- A photo of the front of your identification card
- A photo of the back of your identification card
- A photo that show you are holding a front of identification card and Logo MMO MARKETING.
(you can hold your phone which contains picture of LOGO or you hold paper which has logo on)
Accompanied by a verification code sent to your mail
Your request will be processed within 72 hours.
MMO Marketing Overview

MMO stands for "Make Money Online" MMO Marketing is the Crowfunding Program which helps you make money in a form of community building in the world via the Internet. It creates a trusted community that people help each other increase income through community connections.
Bitcoin is the payment method of MMO Marketing in order that all members in the world easily participate in all activities and help each other. With MMO Marketing you can create desirable earnings for yourself and people around you
MMO Marketing project gives the investors a great number of clients for their macro strategies in the future.
MMO Marketing provides lots of values for people in the world through a smart and connected community plan under 2x10 Matrix System
With the automatic sorting technology of MMO Marketing, you have 2 people on the 1st level, 4 people - 2nd level, 8 people - 3rd level, etc ... Up to 1024 people - 10th level and a total of 10 levels you have 2046 members in your own community. The entire system above will fill-up all positions of 10 levels with you.
To become an official member of our MMO Marketing community, you need to contribute 0.4 Bitcoin to our Fund.
Compensation plan

1. Network Bonus

You get 0.01 Bitcoin /1 member who is added to your system from level 1 to level 10. The maximum income for Network Bonus is 20.46 Bitcoin.




2 0.02 BTC
4 0.04 BTC
8 0.08 BTC
16 0.16 BTC
32 0.32 BTC
64 0.64 BTC
128 1.28 BTC
256 2.56 BTC
512 5.12 BTC
1024 10.24 BTC
2046 20.46 BTC

2. Matching Bonus

You get 100 % Bonus Network of all members who are your direct Referrals

3. Effort Bonus

When you attempt to build community and your title is higher than your reference’s title, Network Bonus will be doubled.

4. World-wide Unity

Each month MMO Marketing uses nearly 50% the remaining of sales to create the code at the bottom of the global system. The principle of creating code is that who joins first will be given support code first and in order.

Wellcome to

mmo marketing

Bitcoin is different than any currency you’ve used before, so it's very important to understand some key points. Unlike government issued money that can be inflated at will, the supply of Bitcoin is mathematically limited to twenty one million bitcoins and that can never be changed.

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Hi all, As representative board, I would like to express our sincere thanks to all members who have trusted and cooperated with us for nearly half a year. We have experienced in 3 phases of development. All the changes in phases have their reason and they were carefully estimated. Every business which wants to have survival and development must balance between the interests of business and the interests of customers. Understanding, we have invested a professional system with a high initial cost. However, revenues are much lesser than our objectives, therefore, in 3 times filling the last level, we have to contribute extra to make more attractive and ensure that no ID is not filled. Otherwise in phase 2 we also spent a huge amount of sales from fund to maintain additional bonus. Now, monthly maintenance costs are enormous, with the motto of the community to create sustainable development so that we have phase 3 to ensure the rights of the parties. Currently we have received many change requests from the community. To ensure benefits of community develop continuously as well as the cost of maintaining the business. Today our system stops working temporarily to update changes. All these changes will bring the best benefits for the community. We will announce the details of the changes in the coming days. We feel the sentiment of the community for the project and I look forward to having long-term development with you. Thank you for your cooperation.


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